Dell 305W Power Supply Module – PS 6311-5DF-LF

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An inexpensive way to repair your Dell desktop PC to a defect in the power supply, the L305P-01 power supply with 305 watts could be the right choice.

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Looking for an inexpensive way to repair your Dell desktop PC to a defect in the power supply, theย L305P-01 power supplyย with 305 watts could be the right choice. This component is used in many systems to use and has a high compatibility on. Take the used power supply, therefore, for budget-friendly repairs to take the respective computer system operating again quickly.

course before replacing the power supply previously used has to be dismantled. Thisย Dell L305P-01 has for internal hardware various terminals, such as the standard 24-pin ATX connector. However, four SATA connectors are available, allowing you to use multiple hard drives or optical drives. For older hardware, there are also a Molex and one floppy connector.

To power the system at any time with sufficient energy, provides theย Dell L305P-01 power supply 305 watts of total power available. These are especially for CPU, motherboard and memory, as well as the graphics unit required. Failure in the power supply make often also by decreased processing power noticeable, so you should also check in such a case, the power supply as a possible source of error.

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