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Eaton NV 600VA 230V

KShs 5,500.00

  • Power Rating: 600 VA tower
  • Voltage: 81 to 145Vac (low voltage)
  • 162 to 290Vac (high voltage)
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto-sensing)
  • Technology: Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • For more info download the brochure
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Eaton E NV600VA 230V

Affordable Power Protection for Today’s Business Environment

The Eaton E NV600VA 230V NV  The E Series NV line interactive uninterruptible power system (UPS) from Eaton® provides affordable power protection for your personal computer and peripherals. While packed with valuable features such as modem protection and plentiful power receptacles, the compact size is ideal for limited office and home working spaces.

Eaton E NV600VA 230V Features:

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation • (AVR) stabilizes fluctuating
    power sources.
  • Microprocessor control design • ensures high reliability.
  • Up to six receptacles, allowing • easy equipment connection
  • User-replaceable batteries • allow easy maintenance.
  • Start-on-battery provides
  • portable power capability.
  • WINDPOWER software monitors power conditions and gracefully shuts down computer applications prior to battery depletion
  • Data surge protection protects • phone, modem, and internet connections
  • Intuitive LED indicators display • UPS status

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