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MODUS RF30 Trasmitter & Receiver

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Key Features

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Category: Anti-theft
Tags: Anti-theft, Cross point, Modus RF30

Introducing the MODUS RF30 Slim Line Pedestal – an exceptional security solution that combines style, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology. With its sleek design, this system seamlessly integrates into your retail space, ensuring robust protection while enhancing the overall ambiance.

Derived from the trusted NEXUS RF30, the MODUS RF30 offers a simplified and cost-effective option without integrated people counters. Its solid construction and slim profile of 45 mm create a discreet presence that blends harmoniously with your store’s layout.

Adding a touch of brilliance to your store, the MODUS RF30 features a customizable top light that not only serves as an attention-grabbing alarm indicator but also adds visual appeal. Choose your preferred color for the top light and even match it with the LED color bar, creating an eye-catching display that captivates customers.

Worried about false alarms? With smart sensitivity control, the MODUS RF30 delivers exceptional detection of hard tags and paper labels while minimizing false alarms, even in challenging store environments. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable merchandise is protected without unnecessary disruptions.

For enhanced security, the MODUS offers an optional integrated metal detection feature. It automatically detects specially prepared foil bags used to shield tags, triggering an instant alarm and providing an additional layer of theft deterrence.

Experience convenience with the MODUS RF30’s remote service capabilities. Quickly address any issues that may arise, especially if your secured merchandise is in close proximity to the system.

Customize your alarm notifications to suit your preferences. Whether it’s a discreet beep, an attention-grabbing stroboscope effect, or a combination of both, the MODUS allows you to select different alarm types and even choose different colors, giving you full control over your store’s security experience.

Elevate your retail security with the MODUS Slim Line Pedestal – an affordable, reliable, and environmentally conscious solution. Seamlessly integrate it into your store’s design while enjoying top-notch detection capabilities and customizable features. Protect your merchandise, enhance your brand, and embrace the future of retail security with the MODUS RF30.


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