The USB Type-B connector looks a little less like a USB A and USB-C connector. The male port isn’t as wide as a USB A port, and it also has a tiny rectangular hole in the middle.

These are often used to connect devices to external components like hard drives, optical drives, and even printers.





  • It Can Be Connected in One Way Only
  • Data Transfer is Slow
  • Power Tranfer Use Maximum Upto 15-18W


Sometimes, people refer to a USB connector as the “male” port. They plug it into the “female” port if they want to use it. These connectors can also get classified as USB 2.0, which is often colored black, or USB 3.0, which is often colored blue.

USB 3.0 port

Since most people today use USB 3.0, we’ll focus on this group of USB connectors only. USB-A 3.0 port is the common type of USB connector used in newer versions of the personal computer. You’ll also often see it at the other end of a USB 3.0 cable.

For most electronics, though, you’ll find that they have a USB type-A connector. They’re often used to connect larger pieces of hardware onto smaller machines. Most cords connect some laptop models to things like an HD PVR and have a USB 2.0 port.


The USB-C connector has a flatter and smaller male port. The hole in the middle of the port where the small connector pins will fit into is a small and flat oval hole. The difference between USB-A and USBC male ports is that USB-A connectors are much larger than USB-C.

This connector features a 24-pin structure, first designed and launched published back in 2014. USB-C connector is reversible, which makes it more user-friendly. This versatility makes it the most widely used port on the newest smartphones and laptops.

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